Station Wagons

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current pandemic we are experiencing issues with fright and vehicle costs which makes our operation un-viable at this time. We hope to be able to return to operation as things return to normal over the coming months.

Please fill in the following form and we will email you as soon as we are operating again.

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The vehicles are available to African not-for-profit organisations and humanitarian groups, churches, hospitals, schools, public servants and those who help others.

Many of the above have or can obtain duty free entry to their country for donated vehicles.

How To Order

  1. Complete the online order/application form
  2. An order invoice with full payment instructions is emailed to you
  3. Make payment via international bank transfer according to supplied instructions
  4. Your vehicle(s) are shipped to the selected destination on receipt of full payment
  5. You are responsible for any and all costs in Africa
  6. Shipping documents and gift certificates will be sent to you

vehicle small car sample

Sample picture only. To keep costs down for you, we cannot show individual photos of every vehicle we have available. The photo above is a good representation of the quality of our vehicles.

Station Wagons

  • Strong, economical
  • 450kg capacity
  • Can carry 5 passengers or goods
  • Large roof for roof rack
  • Can fit a stretcher


Car Cost (Donated) US$0

Export costs

  • De-registration
  • Customs clearance
  • Inland transport Japan
  • Documentation
 Freight US1300
Landed Cost (Export & Freight)*

*PLEASE NOTE: Some countries may require you to pay an additional $200 export test fee

The above organisation accepts a vehicle as a donation and will not claim against the donor for the performance or condition of said vehicle. Furthermore the recipient accepts responsibility to pay all notified costs that relate to supplying the vehicle for shipment to Africa: Commission, Freight, Packing, Customs Agent Clearance, Insurance, Japanese Export Release.

All costs plus US$300 per unit for JAAI test if you require it.