About Us


Julie and Alan Berg founded TAJ (Transport Aid Japan) in 1999, out of a conviction that access to transportation was very often the missing link in empowering aid organisations in developing countries. Through their vision, more than 8,000 cars, trucks and vans have been donated and shipped to humanitarian individuals or organisations in Africa through the 'Wheels for Africa' program.

Through this website, TAJ makes it possible to order donated vehicles. At the present time only station wagons are available, although other vehicles may be sourced and available at subsidised cost.

  • TAJ has no restriction on the number of vehicles which are donated
  • All freight costs, fees and documentation charges as notified are to be paid prior to shipment
  • Our donated vehicles are popular Japanese models

The TAJ team looks forward to assisting you and your associates with your transport needs in your efforts to improve the quality of life through your humanitarian projects.
Please feel free to contact us at any time – we look forward to hearing from you. Due to the time difference an e-mail is the best way to contact us.

How to order Station Wagons